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Måned: juni 2019

Set Full recoverymode på alle databaser

Ret alle userdatabaser til Full recovery mode, for at få styr på din backup. Systemdatabaser er ekskluderet.

-- This script will set recovery model to Simple on all databases
use [master]
-- Declare variable for each database name
declare @databaseName nvarchar(128)
-- Define the cursor
declare databaseCursor cursor
-- Define the cursor dataset
select [name] from sys.databases where [name] not in ('master', 'tempdb', 'model', 'msdb')
-- Start loop
open databaseCursor
-- Get information from the first row
fetch next from databaseCursor into @databaseName
-- Loop until there are no more rows
while @@fetch_status = 0
 print 'Setting recovery model to Full for database [' + @databaseName + ']'
 exec('alter database [' + @databaseName + '] set recovery Full')
-- Get information from next row
 fetch next from databaseCursor into @databaseName
-- End loop and clean up
close databaseCursor
deallocate databaseCursor
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